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Notes from Meeting 4, Feb 15 (Mislabeled in Meetup)

We talked about performing educational activities, perhaps at local churches or the library.

We discussed the idea of starting a sustainability trade group for builders and associated trades and professions.

We are still thinking about the idea of PV and/or food coops.

We decided to have Steve Krings from the Citizens Climate Lobby come talk to the group, possibly on 3.15.2014. The CCL is trying to get a Carbon Tax onto the Congressional docket in 2014. Their website is:

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Notes from our third meeting.

Being a fledgling group, we have been seeking a direction that will provide a concensus.

In this meeting we agreed to pursue the following:

Raise public awareness on global warming.

Explore starting an energy co-op.

Explore starting a food co-op.

Other proposals are:

Teleconferencing/skyping meetings of other like minded groups.

Have speakers at meetings.

A note on logistics: some noted interest in having the meeting on thursday evening at 7pm.