Notes on Meeting 6

Meeting 6, March 22, 2014

Steve Krings from the Citizens Climate Lobby gave a talk.

Several members questioned the strategy of trying to pass a carbon tax, suggesting the American people would not get past the word “Tax” to hear about the direct transfer of the proceeds.

After Mr. Krings departed, we decided a next step for the group would be to put together a presentation to educate the public on the urgency of, and current solutions for, global warming.

On the net metering issue, members had had a difficult time finding further information on what was described in Meeting 5. We decided to hold off on writing an editorial until we found the documents that outline the issues described in Meeting 5.

There were two younger guests who spoke about the lack of global warming education in their school settings. In reaction to this, the idea of getting speakers into public schools was raised.


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