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Notes on Meeting 7

Matt Farkas showed a rough version of a presentation. Changes to be made are:

An introduction before this IPCC video.


which an also be found here:

and here:

In re to the after video power points:

  • pictures to be added
  • less technical material
  • simpler grouping
  • divide the graphs from WGI_AR5_FigFAQ2.1-2
  • less technical language
  • picture boards with 3 points made at end of video
  • solutions

Also the question of using the term Global Warming vs. Climate change remains to be discussed.



Debbie talked about the rollback of net metering, which is a national push to save power companies from the tyranny of self generated power.

Going farther, Matt from Green Bay, found

which reports on OK’s law TAXING renewables…

looks like the fossil fossils ain’t going down without a fight.