Monthly Archives: July 2014

Meeting 12

We talked about Appleton Public Library sponsorship and next steps with them.

We also decided on having the event on a tuesday night or wednesday night, pending what dates the library offers.

There was also consideration (meeting 11) of using the following video, an interview by David Letterman of Mark Jacobson:

which is a decent summary of the Wind Water Solar/ total electric economy.

We had decided against using it, since two videos for the hour seemed enough.

Laura came up with a title for the event “Global Warming: A Call to Action”, which everyone present, agreed is a good title.


Meeting 11

We have settled on the below linked “Hope and Fear” with Hal Harvey and the science behind Climate Change (IPCC) video, which is linked a bit farther down.

We agreed the presentation would be as follows:

Play the IPCC video.
Open the floor for discussion.
Play the “Hope and Fear” video.
Open the floor for discussion.

During the second open discussion, we plan to present Jacobson and Delucchi’s ideas on converting to Wind Water and Solar.

We also plan to interject health effects of global warming in one of the open discussions.

We also decided to have a moderator/facilitator to keep the discussion moving.

The logistics of where group members will sit was addressed. One suggestion was that presenters (Intro giver, video player and moderator/facilitator) would sit at a table, in the front, with other group members sitting in the audience.

Next Thursday, we plan to solidify a date for the presentation, and go over logistics of notifying the public of it’s occurrence.