Monthly Archives: November 2014

Notes on 11.20.2014 meeting

The Northwest Earth Institute was discussed noting their format of education is possibly a good idea (I’d argue minus the paper and the fees). I.e., reading assignments, discussion groups and actions.

It was agreed that we should come up with talking points, a platform and an educational “pamphlet” (hopefully it will stay online).

One member plans to contact a former official of the City of Appleton to enquire on the status of the plan for the new library. The possibility of using the library in raising awareness as well as possibly getting the most environmentally friendly build possible was discussed.

I contacted sent an email to an alderperson who it is thought will be interested in global warming issues. I asked about the existence of a carbon accounting office in the city of Appleton government, and in it’s absence whether we could create on in or out side of the city government.

Finally we discussed the library display case. Model(s), photos, digital picture frame and books were considered.


Spoke to Todd Llewellyn at FVTC Sustainibility Center

The FVTC Sustainability Center is where the FVTC electrician program is housed. A small part of the program is PV installation. I spoke to Todd about the possibility of having FVTC students install some PVs over a parking lot, and he said we’d have to talk to his superior (George) who would then likely have to move it up the command chain.

Todd also pointed out the issue of who would maintain the PV installation would be an issue. I asked if that could be a teachable activity for his students. He pointed out they wouldn’t be able to rush to the installation in the middle of class to do it, and I assured him no installation of the this type would be mission critical. They currently order PVs (and supplies?) from a San Francisco company, and I asked him if we could locally source… (there are several PV companies in WI, but I’m not sure what their production level is, or if they are of a research nature)… he didn’t really respond, going back to he’s open to the idea, but it would have to be approved from on high.