Link of links on Paris Agreement

Last I looked, there was much less criticism, though much of it the same as shown here. In short, the Paris Agreements are a joke. They call for 1.5 to 2 C increase but ensure at least 3.5 C increase (which would certainly melt the ice sheets) with their proposals.

But read for yourself,


June 11 meeting notes

The five attendees went over ideas for town halls, possibilities of collaborating with the Unitarian Church climate group, and, as always, the Sierra Club (previous efforts have failed). Also talked about involving Lawrence University students.

Revisited the idea of doing school presentations, thinking summer school might be an easier sell.

One group member said they’d drop in on a few schools.

An email was sent to Kim Smith at the Appleton school district asking the policy on this (and whether or not global warming is a subject in their High School science curriculum).

Also considered information dissemination at Farmers Markets. The ideas of a table (likely cost prohibitive), sandwich board strolling (might be volunteer prohibitive), leaflet handing were considered and left for further discussion.

Next Meeting June 11 and misc notes

We had a display in the Appleton Public Library for the month of April on Jacobson’s WWS. We had placed books on top of the display, all of which had been checked out within the first week. At that point, the library staff restocked with other books. Unwittingly (I’d hope), they’d included several denier books one of our members culled upon discovery. Strange that the library carries many global warming denier books.

For May, our display was replaced by a “Free Comic Book Day” display, done by the local comic book shop, noting their name and location.

It seems more and more likely, there will be an evolutionary reset event.

At any rate, our next meeting will be June 11 at Appleton Public Library, when we hope to discuss election season strategies.

Yes, our attempts at doing presentations at local schools came to nought.